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IP-PBX System
Offered IP-PBX Systems enable simplicity of installation, management and configuration. They have limitless scalability. Users can effortlessly add them into an existing system via the Internet connection. The systems utilize the local area network.
VoIP Gateways
The VoIP Gateways are the devices, which utilize Internet Protocols for transferring and obtaining the voice communications. These are popular as the most common types of voice phone provisions in numerous areas.
GSM Gateways
GSM Gateways assist the call centers to make reductions in the their telephony bills. These effortless to implement solutions are appropriate for several networking sectors. Also, they ensure high answer seizure ratio and relentless business continuity.
GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT)
Provided GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT) are the highly functional telecommunication equipments, which can be used in many places such as project offices, offshore oil-rigs, remote areas, ferries, construction sites etc.
IP Phones
The IP Phones are provided with a newer technology, which allows them to operate the voice services. The most interesting thing about these phones that they allow for simple consolidation with many hardware & legacy systems.
Digital Key Phones
Digital Key Phones ensure robust decision making, enhanced profitability and better market penetration. The automation these provide is really appreciable. If used in hotels, these proffer an all-round improved experience to visitors.
Video Recorders
Video Recorders are proffered with high end processors so as to execute the high resolution recording as well as remote monitoring. The smart intelligent software they have allow them to detect the threats in an efficient manner.
Video Management Software
Video Management Software is functional as the extra eyes that are required to keep a secured monitoring of your working premises. These solutions let the multiple staff members to observe the camera views with the assistance of other devices.
Voice and Data Convergence Device
Voice Data Convergence Devices are the converged network supports, which can deal with all types of traffic. These are appreciable for their packet-based protocols such as frame relay, ATM etc. They make effortless communication between hand-devices, mobile phone and pagers.
Universal Media Gateways
Universal Media Gateways are the controllers that are designed as per the international standards and are equipped with advanced electronic tools that helps the operator to migrate the IMS networks and maintains the continuity during component failures. 
Unified Communication Server

Unified Communication Server are the modern business solutions that are used to make a smart channel and facilitates you to communicate with employees and other members of the organization via messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing and video conferencing.

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