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IP PBX For Power Utilities

Power utility establishments with already set power distribution network aim to use the same facilities as communication link among different sub-stations. Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) EPAX, by Matrix, is designed to integrate with the existent power line structure and utilizes the same network for communicating across various sites. The PLCC EPAX is an advanced technology switch, with the aid for all kinds of networks existing in modern power grids. Besides conventional CO, E&M and ISDN connectivity, the switch appoints power grids to avail many-sided benefits of cost-effective GSM and IP networks. With optional redundancy and hot swap abilities, the system architecture offers higher reliability and ease of maintenance for minimum downtime.


We are meeting the Digital Communication need for Power Grids, and it offers following benefits:

  • Easy integration with present PLCC infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of Multiple Sites
  • Continuity in business through fail-over capabilities
  • Ease of management with dependability
  • Flexible scalability to meet the changing requirements

Matrix Power Line Carrier Communication has software driven, modular architecture that provides a reliable platform for PLCC Express applications. It meets the needs of mission-critical applications. There are excellent switching functions and capabilities for the power industry. Our communication solutions are cost-effective for Office PBX and separate switching infrastructure.

The PLCC EPAX provides good interface for broadening the communication redundancy to GSM & IP networks, with expansion cards. There is no need to change the existent setup. Matrix power line communication solution ensures that the whole communication network is efficiently & effectively utilized. Our equipment are designed for user-friendly commissioning and easy maintenance.

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