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IP PBX For Manufacturing Industries

Nowadays, it is essential to be in touch with the factory sites, customers, supply and distribution chains. Manufacturing organizations need a dependable communication link between their employees spread across different locations. To manage resources, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, they need an advanced phone system. Matrix offers advance and reliable communication solutions to meet all essential and critical communication needs of the manufacturing endeavors. Our solutions help to streamline the business processes, increase productivity, reduce time-to-market, and enhance corporate image. They can combine multiple sites and facilities under a single network to share resources. Also, they integrate consistent services across all locations.


Matrix offers a range of solutions / systems for effective operational efficiencies and seamless communications. With these you can link all workers, devices with voice and data, and help communications between people and machines automatically. This ensures smooth running of operations. Our innovative communication solutions are utilized by manufacturers, globally. They are designed for:
  • Smooth, Effective Integration
  • Ease of Scalability
  • Reliable, Easy Management
  • Better Customer Service
  • Good Availability and Better Responsiveness

Our scalable, flexible systems accommodate all users spread across various facilities / sites. Matrix solutions are easy to deploy & integrate, and perform as a perfect partner during the growth and expansion of manufacturing organizations. Our systems make it easy to integrate multiple sites under one network. There is a mix of call management features like auto-attendant, unified messaging and voice mail system etc.

Matrix solutions lead to enhanced employee communication, improved staff efficiency and reduced operational costs. Our reliable systems come with simple management tools, reducing system downtime and helping immediate troubleshooting.

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