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IP PBX For Government Sector

For government entities such as public offices, banks, public service departments and educational institutes, connectivity and fast response is very critical. They need an advanced communication system to provide excellent services to the society. Also, they need to maintain their own communication networks to service different industrial sectors across the nation, or states.

At Matrix, we offer advanced communication solutions that are especially designed to meet the variegated needs of the government establishments. There are modern telephony features with the help of diverse networks for anytime connectivity with government bodies, community & industry stakeholders. We ensure reliable communication link for the critical conditions. We help government entities with cost-effective and advanced solutions that show enterprise-grade features and adaptability to service the community as well as society.


With following benefits, we establish cost-effective communication infrastructure for the Government Entities.    

  • Seamless Scalability & Integration
  • Good Availability & Responsiveness
  • Ease of Management with Dependability

Government establishments need to enlarge their capabilities for the increasing needs of urban population, industries and society. There is a demand for round-the-clock connectivity. Matrix offers a range of scalable solutions that can be deployed and integrated easily with legacy systems, protecting the finance of authorities for longer period without compromising with the services.

In certain situations, communication delay can cost damage to private and public properties, and the society at large. Our communication solutions help government to remain in touch with emergency services departments situated at distant places. They help respond to the public needs through several channels without incurring extra costs.

We are here with reliable system and easy management tools. Our solutions are easily configurable without the need of additional application. This in turn helps in reducing system downtime and ensures direct troubleshooting. Matrix products with advance technology ensure superior performance under critical environmental conditions and in high traffic.

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