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IP PBX For Financial Institutions

Today, communication is done through various channels and has become an essential part of industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. These businesses are under rising pressure to provide anytime connectivity with customers and value chain partners. Operational costs and communication time are also the crucial aspects here. Reliable, secured and effective communication link has been the utmost prospect for the industries. Here communication devices and tools play a major role in enhancing staff productivity as well as efficiency.

At Matrix, we have developed a range of products to create a comprehensive solution for all financial institutions. The integrated messaging and mobility characteristics ensure anytime connectivity with customers, increasing the productivity & responsiveness. Our advance turret terminal is the tool for traders, for critical communication during intense market hours.


  • Establish anytime connectivity with valuable customers
  • No communication delay
  • Control over operational cost
  • Increased trader productivity & responsiveness
  • Ensure continual business in high market hours

Our solutions help in creating more business opportunities for financial organizations. With our application knowledge and services, we are able to meet specific requirements of customers. We have a complete product offering with latest specifications. We ensure cost-effective, fast and secure communications that bring positive outcomes. There is a blend of best IP and turret functionality, while providing flexible and scalable solutions.

Matrix provides with tools that proactively manage existing customers as well as assist in the attraction of new ones. They allow you to respond to economic variations and deliver consistent value. Improving efficiencies, our solutions secure profit and offer an exceptional personalized customer experience. We help financial service providers to be successful, by facing the market challenges, reducing costs, differentiating their products / services and increasing security.

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