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IP PBX For Call Center

With rapidly growing telecommunication technology, there are huge opportunities for call centers / contact centers to improve productivity as well as reduce the operating cost. The challenge for call center businesses is: to provide prompt customer service and responsiveness along with easy use of the capabilities. A Perfect Communication System is necessary to enable the business with efficient responsiveness, better customer satisfaction and handle the customers efficiently.

CTI Interface with ETERNITY IP-PBX systems enable control of telephone from PC which includes hanging up or answering calls, transferring, conferencing, forwarding, or placing calls on hold. Third-party CTI software with support of TAPI2.2 is also used as a medium between CTI application and IP-PBX. There are many benefits of advanced telephony features with various networks support providing anytime connectivity with the clients.

We keep up with various specifications such as TAPI 2.2 Support, Live Monitoring, Call Controlling, and more. Our systems help you provide your customers a better experience. Matrix solution provides extended support for advanced business applications, such as:

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Dialers
  • Voice Logger and Database Integration


We have innovative communication solutions for Small, Mid-size and Large Call Centers. The major benefits are following:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction & relationship
  • Increased staff productivity & efficiency
  • All customer information
  • Innovative business applications
  • Integration with third-party Call Center.

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